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Motoradunando, discover and travel the world on 2 wheels!

We are a group of professionals, with a passion and above all experience in organising travel and specifically motorbike travel.

Thanks to years of travelling with groups on motorbikes around the world, from the USA to New Zealand; from the North Cape to South Africa; from the Hymalayas to the Silk Road, we put our passion and professionalism in motorbike travel at the service of our motorcycling customers.

who we are

ANDREA ALESSANDRELLI, Class of 1979. Started riding motorbikes at the age of 20. A little late compared to many others, but makes up for it quickly in terms of kilometres travelled around the world. With a degree in economics and a doctorate, he began working with Raid Inside and from the first Coast to Coast USA in 2007 as Tour Leader with 14 crews in tow, to date he has accompanied groups in the USA, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Albania and the Balkans, New Zealand, South Africa, and has organised and accompanied two important corporate motorbike trips for Riso Scotti SPA: the Transhimalayana in 2016 and the Silk Road venture, with 22 motorbikes from Iran to China crossing Turkmenistan, Uzbelistan, Tajikistan along the Pamir, Kirgyzstan to Kashgar. He is continually at work designing and dreaming up new motorbike routes around the world.

PAOLO FANTOZZI, Born 1963 Like most motorcyclists, I started riding motorbikes long before the age of 14, the age at which it was permissible to ride 50s. As I always say referring to the time I spent on a motorbike until 1986, the year they made helmets compulsory, “I was fine!” My first real trip was three years later to Yugoslavia on a beautiful Honda XL 500. Unforgettable trip! From that year on, the motorbike has always been my only means of transport, with a few exceptions due to family needs, moving on to Dominator, Yamaha Tenerè and Supertenerè until I moved to BMW and then recently changed to the fantastic Moto Guzzi V85TT. The BMW period, year 2000, is the one that determined the beginning of organised trips. As a member of the BMW Motoclub of Arezzo, I was immediately included in the planning of the calendar and everything. Route planning, stops, hotels, restaurants and so on. Gradually the idea matured of turning it into a job, the best job! And here I am, now close to 60, with the liveliness mixed with recklessness of a 15-year-old and the experience of over 20 years of planning and scheduling motorbike trips!

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The logistics of a trip is perhaps the most decisive part; from the choice of hotels, stopping points, itinerary, rental or transport of motorbikes, flights or ship passages.

This type of service has at least two positive aspects; one is to travel light with your motorbike, without bags, sacks or anything else bulky. Secondly, to carry some extra clothing on three-week trips.

Fundamental role in our trips. The reference figure; along the route he always precedes the group, gives directions, but does not bind anyone; everyone is free to make excursions along the way.

Motoradunando makes you travel relaxed, comfortable and carefree, without having to think about where to sleep or where to eat, booking the ferry, or what to bring on your trip. Everything is organised down to the last detail

Each crew is provided with a memorandum, which contains the route of the stage, all references concerning the place of accommodation and all the organisation's numbers.

They are present on all our trips, they always follow the group. They give a sense of security, they are always ready for anything should there be a technical problem with their vehicle.

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