Marche Motorbike Adventuring

from 26 April to 1 May and from 8 to 13 October

An immersive journey to discover the different, wonderful aspects of the Marche, which in 5 days will take us from Pesaro to Ascoli Piceno, crossing territories, in the presence of unexpected panoramas, touching villages and cities of art, traveling along very different types of roads, enjoying quality food and wine tastings and hospitality at rest areas; all things that will excite and amaze with their beauty, uniqueness, in the pleasure of being part of what will surround us, in complete harmony with the lands that will host us.

PILOT fee €

Day 1
The first day will be dedicated to welcoming the participants to Pesaro. After accommodation in the hotel, we will visit the Benelli Museum, a place that collects the history of a renowned brand that has given prestige to the passion and technology “made in Marche” throughout the world. The fish dinner and the presentation briefing of the entire tour and the first day of travel will conclude the evening.

Day 2 (km 227)
The tour begins with what will be the most traveled stage of the entire journey, leaving the coast to push into the Pesarese area, following the border with Romagna for a stretch, and then starting to descend towards the south, on roads sliding that alternate between secondary asphalt and white, until the stop in the splendid square of Mercatello sul Metauro, where we will take a break for lunch. Once again, after a few kilometers immersed in the countryside, we will begin the climb to Monte Nerone, up to the spectacular viewpoint, and then begin the headlong descent towards Cagli on the road that saw the passage of the Giro d’Italia in 2009. Once in Cagli, we will be able relax in the hotel, and enjoy an excellent dinner, during which a briefing will be held to present the next day’s stage.

Day 3 (km 180)
The second stage will enter the heart of Montefeltro, leaving Cagli, with a short stop in Fermignano at the former paper mill, a factory founded in 1300, and then restarting in the direction of the magnificent Urbino, where a stop will be obligatory to visit the historic centre, at in front of the Ducal Palace. The journey will continue on secondary roads up to a masterpiece of nature, the Gola del Furlo, an impressive cut in the mountain, with passage inside the tunnel built by Vespasian, on the ancient Flaminia. We will then go back up Monte Catria, to enjoy the spectacular view towards the sea. The day on the motorbike will end with the arrival in Genga, with hotel accommodation and dinner with a briefing to tell what will happen in the next day’s stage.

Day 4 (km 190)
The third stage will begin with another imposing gorge, that of Frasassi, where we will stop to visit the neoclassical Temple of Valadier, set in the rock. We will then climb to the slopes of Monte Mitola, with a breathtaking view of the Gola della Rossa, entering a wooded area that will take us in front of San Vicino, a mountain that dominates, with its shape recognizable by almost the entire region, the territory of the upper Ancona and Macerata. Mandatory stop in the village of Elcito, called “the little Tibet of the Marche”, from which the view extends to the sea. The descent will take us to cross the picturesque Lake Castreccioni, to then arrive, still on panoramic roads, in San Severino Marche, with a stop in the beautiful Piazza del Popolo, and then drive, among the rolling hills of the Marche countryside, up to the stop with incredible panorama from the castle of Pitino, a place already inhabited since the 7th century BC. Once we have left, we will be able to refresh ourselves with local cuisine a few kilometers later, in a typical farmhouse. The classic hills of Macerata will accompany us until we touch Treia, San Ginesio, and arrive in Sarnano, an excellently preserved medieval village, at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains. Hotel accommodation and dinner with the usual briefing will conclude the day.

Day 5 (km 138)
We say goodbye to Sarnano to head towards the upper Fermano, under the gaze of the Sibillini Mountains chain, which will accompany us for a long part of the day. We will cross the interesting medieval historic center of Amandola and continue the journey in continuous ups and downs until we reach Montemonaco, a village at the foot of Monte Vettore, the highest mountain range of the Sibillini, imposing in its view, and Lake Gerosa, surrounded from woods. From there the approach to the sea will begin, not without a necessary stop in Santa Vittoria in Matenano and above all in Servigliano, whose historic center was born in the late eighteenth century, at the behest of Pope Clement XIV. The roads become increasingly gentle and, crossing a countryside always well cared for by human hands, we will arrive in the splendid Piazza del Popolo in Fermo, an important city of Roman origins. Now in view of the final arrival of the stage, we will treat ourselves to a guided tour of the beautiful Theater and/or the impressive Roman Purifying Pools, unique in Italy. The arrival at the hotel after a few kilometres, by the sea and the fish dinner inside the tourist port of Porto San Giorgio will mark the end of this day.

Day 6 (km 122)
The last stage will officially start from Piazzale del Girfalco in Fermo, at the highest point of the city, in front of the beautiful white Istrian stone façade of the Cathedral (13th century), to immediately travel along the ancient ring corridor of the Roman Theatre, now transformed into an alley open to vehicular transit. You will reach Borgo Al